House of Chadula 2002

Malakoffnakis (EC / PL) / Rainy Day Women 12 & 35 (Dylan) / Malakoffee (EC / PL) / Speak Low (K.Weill / B.Brecht) ) / Foxey Lady (Hendrix) / Malakoffotto (EC / PL) / When the Grass Grows Over Me (Malchoffel) / Malakoffotcho / Out of My Mind (N.Young) / Malakoffamala (EC / PL) / Old Blue (This is the real Malakoff. There is nothing here! / Malakvatch (EC / PL) / Lonesome Fugitive (M.Haggard) / Malaachen ((EC / PL) / A Fine Romance (J.Kern) Dock of the Bay (O.Redding). 

EC: guitars, banjo, vocals 
PL : selected and unselected drums and cymbals, stradivarius singing saw

Doc Chatterbox and Mister Lovens take us on a journey through Italy, France, America and England. Luggage filled with jazzy-cool strolls and country-folk-rock songs, in the midst of a jumble of improvised but carefully carved pieces: slices of broken metric, dice of abstract pointillism, frayed cords and cymbals in a thousand sheets. All under the distorting eye of distorted theodolites and instruments of excess to better survey the reliefs of a very personal topography.