House of Chadula 1989

A1 Our Neighborhood  
A2 What Is Truth ?  
A3 Theme From Alfred Hitchcock  
A4 Bernadette Gnossienes  
A5 The Law Is For The Protection Of The People  
A6 The Sheppard  
A7 Jammin' With Gene  
A8 Cocaine For Children  
A9 Donovan Deutsch  
A10 Once More With Feeling  
A11 Godfather Waltz  
A12 What is cocaine ?  
A13 Bitches Brew  
B1 Another Day Gone Lawman Wrong  
B2 Tommorow  
B3 Alfred Hitchcock  
B4 Bessie Smith's Godfather  
B5 Yout Song Ruby Flintsones  
B6 Jammin' With Gene  
B7 The High Safeway  
B8 Godfather Theme  
B9 Chinese Soup