Eugene Chadbourne: Guitar, Banjo, Dobro, Voice

Recorded April 27 and 29, 1992 at Radio Studio DRS Zürich
Engineer: Peter Pfister
Cover art: Peter Fischli and David Weiss
Liner notes: Fredi Bosshard and Patrik Landolt

Intakt CD 026 - 1992

For me playing solo is the purest form of expression. The two solo CDs Strings and Songs give a representativ cross section of my work. In a way they go to the heart of my music.
-Eugene Chadbourne

«Free improvised country & western bebop». Folk and traditional songs by Tim Buckley, Phil Ochs, Wilie Nelson, Nick Drake … which will not escape unscathed if the cover versions are compared with the originals. The guitarist, banjo player and singer Eugene Chadbourne says of his own music: «Imagine a world where Johnny Cash and Phil Ochs meet head on with Derek Bailey and you are getting close.»

Eugene Chadbourne about Songs: «I like the songs, they are very honest, very emotional.»