Mike Schafer's new CD issues of classic cassette titles of mine.

They include new masters of the original cassette material, nothing added or taken away. In some cases some additional nonsense is tossed on at the end because Schafer is sort of a packrat and does not like the idea of empty space at the end of a CD.


1. Shove It Dirty Harry  
2. What Is Truth?  
3. Beatles Medley  
4. Groovy Grubworm - Backing Band – Evan Johns & The H-Bombs  
5. Rebel Rouser - Backing Band – Evan Johns & The H-Bombs  


Purchasing a reel to reel copy of a Vanilla Fudge concept album from some policemen at a yard sale set off this recording delirium, I did my own version of the entire album and utilized some very strange recordings that were floating around at the time.


Originally released on cassette tape in 1984.
House of Chadula 2008