"Philip Johnston has come up with an old recording that I have mastered and readied for release, our trio from 1977 with Steve Moses on drums. This trio played one gig! For which we practiced more than 12 hours. Lots of interesting old tunes of mine that were never otherwise recorded. The name of the CD is "The Pioneers" --Doc Chad, Philip Johnston (Microscopic), Steve Moses (Alice Donut, etc)"-Doc Chad

Recorded in September 1977
House of Chadula 2011

1. Keep It To Yourself 5:30
2. The Immortal Dr. Cheeb 9:19
3. There's No Place Like Home 0:53
4. The Clam 10:15
5. One Room Too Far Way 9:01
6. Johnny Come Lately 13:57
7. Bodimino 13:06
8. The Immortal Dr. Cheeb 15:00

Eugene Chadbourne
Philip Johnston
Steve Moses