House of Chadula 2000
Recorded on January 24th, 1991 in Hamburg.

Walter Malli-soprano saxophone, schnapps, banter
Jonathan Segal-violin, mandolin
Cris Pedersen-drum set
Graham Connah-piano, keyboards
Eugene Chadbourne-electric guitar, vocals, electric rake
Victor Krummenacher-electric bass, vocals

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"My favorite of the line-ups under this name, the sextet Eugene Van Beethoven did a three week non-stop series of dates in Europe during the Gulf War. The Hamburg Markethalle show was early in the series so in the intial round of tinkering with live tapes I didn't pay that much attention it. The soundboard recording surfaced eventually and shows that soundman Eppo Kroll had a good feel with this large room and its possibilities for big thick sound. The program mixes originals, cover versions, has a strong anti war focus as well as jazz covers-Ask me Now by Thelonious Monk, a Pharoah Sanders medley-and also includes two sections of the Post Day of the Dead suite."
-Eugene Chadbourne

1. Life's a Gas 3:31
2. Red Headed Stranger 7:52
3. I Must Have Been Blind 4:47
4. I Ain't Marchin' Anymore 3:28
5. Feel Like I'm fixin to Die (Iraq) 3:40
6. Oil of Hate 2:52
7. Lonnie's Lament 3:41
8. Psychadelic Basement 4:00
9. Let's Go Back in Time 4:31
10. The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave 3:13
11. Take the Skinheads Bowling 2:27
12. Hippies and Cops 3:28
13. Technique of Death 5:19
14. Ask Me Now 7:25
15. Hand of Death 2:16
16. ZZ Top in Egypt 3:47
17. Pharoah & Leon Medley 8:41
18. Sword and Shield 4:06