Doc Chad's 2010 major recordings for the year, the complementary "Reason" and "Treason" releases. Treason features mostly banjo songs, though Chadbourne overdubs himself on quite a few instruments, so it is not a clear delineation between guitar on disc and banjo on the other.

Recorded and mixed at Psychadelic Studios, Greensboro, NC January 2010. "Bird Song" based on a live radio performance from St. Louis, Summer 2009.

Eugene Chadbourne-banjo, voice, guitar
Robert Harris-narration
Jay Tercer-modified electric dobro, bajo sexto, charango, baclamel, cjumbus, percussion, toy koto

1. Water Song 10:23
2. Bird Song 5:15
3. Adrift 7:16
4. I Woke up at Home 6:05
5. Best Friend 4:16
6. Flying SOng 6:03
7. Song of Good Health 5:58
8. Pepper Mine 8:36
9. Song of Confidence 1 0:58
10. Song of Confidence 2 6:04

House of Chadula 2010