House of Chadula Cassette/LP 1985

A1. Whiter Shade Of Pale  
A2. San Francisco Nights  
A3. Ain't Misbehavin'  
A4. Our Neighborhood  
A5. President Helms  
A6. 10 Most Wanted List  
A7. The Rake  
A8. Return Of The Rake  
A9. Fightin' Side Of Me  
A10. The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave  
A11. Wild Angels  
A12. Lock David Crosby Up !  
B1. Psychotic Reaction  
B2. No Reason To Quit  
B3. I'm An Outlaw  
B4. 8 Miles High  
B5. Dang Me  
B6. Amerca Stands Tall  
B7. The Rake  
B8. Wild Angels  
B9. Purple Haze  
B10. Red Headed Stranger  
B11. Greetings From Grenada  
B12. Bluegrass Breakdown  
B13. How Can You Kill Me ? I'm Already Dead  
B14. Oh Yoko  
B15. Gas Tank Run On Booze  
B16. Choppin' Down Weeds  
B17. How Can You Kill Me ?  
B18. Rake  
B19. Shah  
B20. Acoustic (?)