FOT Records  1992

A1.  Bat Lenny - October 31
A2.  Snakefinger - Beatnick Party
3.  Drake Scott - Sister
A4.  The Dits - Motorboat
A5.  Ray Mason - Love You
A6.  Pink Bob's Stereo - Chance of Showers
A7.  Tim Hodgkinson - Passed Normal
A8.  The Sediments / Secret Dave - The Thin Man
A9.  That Hope - Under the Sun
A10.  Dream Stuff - The Secular Mystery 

B1.  Pink Bob - Soviet Onion
B2.  The Rudy Schwartz Project - An Orange Is Nothing Than a Juicy Pumpkin
B3.  Sarcastic Orgasm - Devil Polka
B4.  Shmaz - Nature's Table
B5.  Shockabilly - Plunger Set
B6.  Square Head - The Management Hates Me
B7.  Lars Rudolph / Jack Wright / Your Mom - untitled
B8.  The Sediments - Why Do You Think They Call It "Rearing Your Children"
B9.  Secret Dave & Edwin Pierce - Put My Boy Into Business