A.  Peafowl
A1. Two Peafowl
A2. Tails Folded In Close
A3. Pause For A Moment In The Front Yard Dusk

B.  We Are Always Chasing Phantoms

Eugene Chadbourne, acoustic 6 string and two prepared 12 string guitars, unamplified electric guitar, toys, sirens, plastic horns, radio
Randy Hutton, acoustic 6 string guitar (A1-3)
Richard Baker, nylon string guitar (A1-3)
Henry Kaiser, electric guitars, acoustic guitar, plastic horns (B)
Owen Maercks, electric guitar and toy guitar (B)

Recorded on 27 February 1977 by Wade McGregor's Fly-By-Night-Sleep-By-Day Productions, Calgary (A1-3) and on 21 April 1977 in John Jordan's Basement Studio, Upton, Masschusetts (B).

Parachute ‎– P003 - 1977