House of Chadula Cassette/LP 2000

A1. Spiro Agnew  
A2. Introduction To Goober  
A3. Acoustic Purple Haze  
A4. Hendrix Buried In Tacoma  
A5. Happy New Year  
A6. They Froze Jim Jones' Brain  
A7. Elvis Toast  
A8. The Dino Chicken  
A9. New Car Song  
B1. Burl Ives Medley  
B2. All The Hits By DD Sharp  
B3. Just Can't Be Satisfied  
B4. Coltrane The Wombat  
B5. Which One Is Me?  
B6. French Twist  
B7. Chitlin Con Carne  
B8. Send Me Your Pillow  
B9. Wild Angels Theme  

  • Guitar, Edited By, Turntables – Eugene Chadbourne
Eugene Chadbourne featuring: Jimi Hendrix, rhythm guitar, John Coltrane, tenor sax, Alphonze Mouzomnski, trash can, Prince Far I And The Arabs, Afghanistan National Radio under direction of Hank Gonzalez and many more.