Swamp Room 301135 : double 10" LP on deluxe swirled vinyl -
Limited edition of 1000 copies April 1999
Rereleased - 2001 House of Chadula #1999D

Epistle to Dippy (Donovan) / Martha (Kantner/Slick) / Live and Let Live (Lee) / Get off of My Cloud (Jagger/Richards) / I Can't Dance (Hall) / Den Heyser Bulgar (traditionnel) / Teacher (Anderson) / Young and Innocent Days (Davies) / Hickory Wind (Buchanan/Parsons) / Rejoyce (Slick) / Mom and Dad (Zappa) / Rehearsal for Retirement (Ochs) / Lady Day and John Coltrane (Heron) / Bessie Blues (Coltrane).

EC : vocals, acoustic and electrics guitars, 5-string banjo, Dorothys Helm imitation
Joee Conroy : mandolin, guitar, cello, sitar, violin, cylinder
Gregory Acker : tablas, sopranoand C-melody sax, flutes, driftar longo bongo, PVC
Todd Hildreth : organ, piano, accordian
Andy Rademaker : fretless bass
Steve Good : Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax
Dean Zigoris : mellotron, percussion, tape loops
Tristan Conroy : lead vocal (get off my cloud)