Eugene Chadbourne - guitar
Roy Pace - trumpet
Massimo Pupillo - bass
Jacopo Battaglia - drums
Thomas Mai - saxes (virtually)

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Chadbourne's collaborations with the Italian progpunk group Zu are among his most rewarding joint projects. This is their first release together, orginially out on Newtone records. Zu keep up with Dr. Chad in a fast rockin' improv free-for-all. This a repackaging of the previous "Zu Side" single CD, now expanded to a doulbe CD with the Motorhellington material added.

new text from the repackage:

"New collaborations with the Rome-based Zu Band. Hard hitting muscle jazz as well as ridiculous covers (Sex Machine, Black Sabbath Iron Man, Corcovado, Boogie Stop Shuffle, Sacrifice) fill the wild grooves of two CDs for what Massimo Zu calls "the greatest cover in history."

House of Chadula 1999

CD1: Zu + Eugene Chadbourne
1. Cosmos (John Coltrane)
2. Chadbourne in the Sky with Diamonds
3. Somewhere over the Chadbourne
4. Porgy and Chadbourne
5. Holiday in Chadbournia
6. Ascenseur pour le Chadbourne
7. Inna Gadda na Chadbourne
8. 'O Chadbourne mio!
9. House of the Rising Chadbourne
10. Stairway to Chadbourne
11. For those about to Chadbourne (We Salute You)
12. Everybody needs a Chadbourne (To Love)
13. Spirits (Albert Ayler)

CD 2: Zu + Eugene Chadbourne: Motorhellington
1. Iron Man
2. The Robots
3. Chain of Fools
4. Boogie Stop Shuffle
5. Corrovado
6. Pushin' Too Hard
7. Sex Machine
8. Sacrifice